Sketching in Lisbon


Make your own Masterpiece

Drawing is a way of expressing ourselves creatively and therefore the result is always beautiful and true. The secret is to be attentive and able to capture the moment, to get it down on a piece of paper.
Armed with a sketchbook and a pencil, we invite you to capture the spirit of Lisbon’s hilly skyline, big squares, narrow streets, old buildings and distinctive inhabitants.
This activity is an excellent and unique way to discover Lisbon, so take the time to appreciate the urban environment, forms, perspectives, movements, lights and feelings that will shape your artistic effort.
Walk in Lisbon with your passionate and knowledgeable guide, stop in 3 different places to draw and sketch. Discover unique viewpoints and special places. Your guide is a young Portuguese architect who will direct you on how to start sketching.
She will also share with you architectural history of this magnificent metropolis. In addition, prepare yourself for some amusing storytelling.
Get ready to grab your pencil, be confident and start sketching a few bold, quick and spontaneous strokes. By learning and mastering this talent, comes a sense of fulfillment and the desire to continue. We provide you with the sketchbook for you to continue your new hobby in new and different locales without us.


Largo do Carmo – a central and historical square in “Chiado”, downtown Lisbon.




3h – till around 1300h


49€ per person


Everyone who has an interest in art, history, walking, painting, sketching, drawing or other forms of explorations will enjoy. Complete beginner or experienced sketcher, will be both be rewarded by such a journey.


You will be provided with all necessary equipment; sketchbook, pencil, eraser and watercolors. Make something special to bring home as a valued and personal souvenir.
A map on how to get there will be provided in advance.
Dress appropriately for the weather as we will be outside for most of this class. The classes will be small to give a high degree of intimacy.