Terms & Conditions


1 / Payment and price

All tours must be pre-paid unless you book through the telephone. We accept booking through telephone on short notice enquiries, meaning same day as activity is happening. The payment will then be done in cash before the start of the activity, and we will charge a 10% fee for non-online bookers.This because it creates challenges related to planning of the activities. We therefore recommend to book online.
For normal online booking, we accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners, Discover and JCB cards. Payment will be marked with; “BomdiaLisboa” on the credit card statement. You will be charged 100% of the amount right away, in Euro/€ at the conversion’s rate applicable on the date of your booking.

2 / Voucher/booking number issue

After payment BOMDIA LISBOA, LDA / bomdia-lisboa.com will send a confirmation / voucher/number by e-mail: this voucher/number has to be printed/ told upon request as a proof of purchase, and will be presented to the service provider.
All information regarding the travelers should be correctly given at the time of booking.
All requests for modifications/amendments must be sent by email to BOMDIA LISBOA, LDA / bomdia-lisboa.com.
BOMDIA LISBOA, LDA / bomdia-lisboa.com cannot be held responsible for any problem that may happen if you don’t receive or read carefully your confirmation / voucher/number. In case you have not received your voucher, you must contact BOMDIA LISBOA, LDA / bomdia-lisboa.com at least 24 hours before the date of service.
Cancellation, refund and procedure to cancel a booking.

3 / Cancellation fee / refund

Except otherwise stated, Tour or package or any product cancelled without due notice are subjected to a cancellation fee according to the following scale:
– Cancellation more than 7 calendar days before the services begin : You will be charged a 5% cancellation fee.
– Cancellation between 7 and 4 calendar days before the services begin: You will be charged a 30% cancellation fee.
– Cancellation within 3 calendar days(less than 74hours) before the services begin : You will be charged a 100% cancellation fee (no refund).
– Cancellation the day of the services or after: You will be charged a 100% cancellation fee (no refund).

4 / Procedure to cancel a booking

Full cancellation of services previously confirmed by us must be followed by a confirmation of cancellation from us. Cancelation must be done over email for all online bookings. On short notice enquiries over phone, we accept a cancelation phone call.
BOMDIA LISBOA, LDA / bomdia-lisboa.com will not be responsible for any cancellation not received and not confirmed back to you and might debit the relative cancellation or no-show charges.


5 / The liability of BOMDIA LISBOA, LDA / bomdia-lisboa.com

BOMDIA LISBOA, LDA / bomdia-lisboa.com acts only as an agent for the passengers in all functions related to the sailing activity, azulejo painting and transportation of whatever nature, and assumes no liability for injury, loss, damage, accident, delay or inconveniences which may occur either by reason of defect, or as acts of government or other civil authorities (war, civil disturbances, strikes, etc.) or from any cause beyond BOMDIA LISBOA, LDA / bomdia-lisboa.com control. Sailing activity is covered by 3rd party company performing the activiy(see sailing in point 6)
On the treasure hunt activity, the traveler will perform the activity solely on their own, and therefore no insurance is needed or provided (see more in point 6.3) A normal travel insurance should be covering a walk like this in the city, but please check with your personal/local insurance provider if you have doubts. Language course, Cooking class, Wine tasting, and drawing are insured through BOMDIA LISBOA, LDA / bomdia-lisboa.com. Insurance details see 6.

6 / The activites and specific information

6.1 Sailing. When doing the activity, you are insured by our partner, Westcoast sailing. In the unlikely case of an accident is covered under their maritime insurance. For more details, contact www.Westcoastsailing.pt. We allow no person less than 9 years of age to do the sailing activity. Failure to acknowledge this, will result in no refund for that child.
6.2 Azulejo painting. The motorbike ride is insured through our partner Sidecar touring Lisboa. For more information take contact with http://sidecartouring.co.pt/.
6.3 Drawing, Cooking class and Language course. When participating in these activities, you are insured through BomDia Lisboa.
6.4 Treasure Hunt is a private exploration trip on foot through Lisbon. Done without a guide and at any time you self desire. Therefore, in the unlikely case of any accidents, your travel insurance should be valuable. BOMDIA LISBOA, LDA / bomdia-lisboa.com have no liability responsibility.
6.5 Wine tasting is an activity that is not covered by BOMDIA LISBOA, LDA / bomdia-lisboa.com. Our partner, WineLover does not operate with personal insurances, and therefore in case of any incident, BOMDIA LISBOA, LDA / bomdia-lisboa.com and Winelover, has no liability responsibility.

7 / Liability issues in case of schedule
or itinirary re-arrangements

BOMDIA LISBOA, LDA / bomdia-lisboa.com can accept no responsibility for the loss or additional expenses due to delay or changes in schedule or other causes for all activities. BOMDIA LISBOA, LDA / bomdia-lisboa.com. and its suppliers reserve the right to vary
itineraries in order to improve each tour, to the tour members’ enjoyment and advantage. BOMDIA LISBOA, LDA / bomdia-lisboa.com and its suppliers reserve the right to cancel or rescheduled any tour departure in accordance with operation requirements.

Any booking made with BOMDIA LISBOA, LDA / bomdia-lisboa.com will be governed by and subject to the Terms & Conditions.

No variation to these Terms and Conditions shall be of any effect unless made in writing by and with the authority of BOMDIA LISBOA, LDA / bomdia-lisboa.com.