BOMDIA LISBOA is four people’s passion and love for Lisbon.

Charlotte and David, one French and the other one Norwegian, met in Lisbon, lived in Lisbon, love Lisbon and created this project because wanted to share Lisbon’s treasures with you.

Helena and Maurice, one Portuguese and the other one Dutch, met while traveling, fell in love with each other and with this project.
Together, we want to help you discovering Lisbon.

Four different nationalities, same passion.


We believe that you, as a visitor, should be able to use all your senses and experience the mystique of Lisbon. See the old ladies on their terraces looking down at the narrow streets, smell the Jacarandas blooming, the Sardines on the grill, hear the endless song of a foreign language, feel the breeze of warm winds from Africa, taste the ice cold fresh Portuguese white wine.

When you are travelling in the city of 7 hills, we want you to try to use all your 7 senses. Go beyond taste, smell, hear, touch and see. Add your Vestibular sense; to orientate your way around, and your kinesthetic sense to walk and move your body.

Now you are travelling. Now you are experiencing. And only now are you ready to get the most out of Lisbon.


We offer 7 activities; Treasure Hunt, Wine Tasting, Sketching, Sailing, Cooking, Painting Tiles and a Language Lesson.

All our activities are held in English. They are designed to be both stimulating and fun and are great ways to learn new sets of skills while discovering the capital of Portugal.

There are no age limits, young or old; the important thing is that you are curious and hungry for new knowledge.

We are also offering one hotel that we feel is the most unique, value-for-money experiences you will find in Lisbon at the moment.

We hope you enjoy our website, that you feel tempted to book one or more of our activities with us and most of all, that you enjoy your stay in Lisbon with an open and audacious mind.